Help Support Oxford JSoc

We are a society that seeks to create a welcoming community for all Jewish students at Oxford. We are proud to cater to the pastoral and religious needs of nearly 500 Jewish students from a multitude of backgrounds and varying levels of religious belief. OUJS is a ‘home away from home’ for Jewish students at Oxford, providing representation for students on a University wide level and a place where Jewish students can be proud of their Jewish identity.

Doing this, involves a significant cost. We believe it is vital to continue organizing high-quality events and ensure as many students as possible have a meaningful and enriching Jewish experience at Oxford. As virtually all our events are heavily subsidised by OUJS with the support of UJS and myChaplaincy, we rely on the financial support of generous individuals and organisations such as yourself.

If you wish to support OUJS, you can either make a donation or sponsor an event. We would particularly appreciate direct debit gifts, as these will provide for the long-term future of the society. Donations can be made online through the official university donation portal or via post: contact our Fundraiser for a postal form.