OJC Weekday Dinners

Applying to Oxford?


Q: I just can’t decide whether I should apply to Oxford or not and I have decided to make my decision entirely on the basis of Jewish life. Is there anything I should know?

A: Oxford is an amazing place to be Jewish. Here’s why:

• We’re supported by an amazing adult community, the Oxford Jewish Congregation
• There’re hundreds of Jewish students, from all denominations
• Colleges are accommodating of all religious requirements (but email them to check)
• We have daily Orthodox minyanim, regular student egalitarian services on Friday night and strong Masorti and Liberal communities
• We serve weekday kosher evening meals. It featured in the JC
• Oxford has a kosher café
• If you’re feeling ritually impure, Oxford has its own mikvah
• We have friendly and welcoming Chaplains


Q: That all sounds great! But tell me about Jsoc!

A: Oxford JSoc is the greatest Jewish Society since the Destruction of the Second Temple. We have 200 or so active members, from both the University and Brookes and loads of events, like:

• Amazing socials, like bagel brunches and pub crawls
• Delicious Friday night and Saturday lunches
• High profile educational speakers
• Regular social action events at our local homeless shelter
• Interfaith events

There's lots more. If you’re curious, go look at our termcard!

Q: I frankly don’t believe you. Is it possible for me to come up to visit for Shabbat?

A: Of course! We’ll even find you a place to stay and give you a tour round the city. Just email the presidents, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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