OJC Weekday Dinners

Shabbat Meals at JSoc

JSoc hosts a Friday night dinner and a Shabbat lunch every week during termtime, including 0th week.

Friday night dinner is hosted to different themes each week, which in the past have included 'Italian', 'Chinese', 'Sephardi', 'Musical' and 'Under the Sea'! We serve a freshly cooked three-course Kosher meat dinner (veggie options available), along with soft drinks, beers, handmade cocktails and l'chaim shots. There are also activities after dinner like pub quizzes and games, and speeches from visiting rabbis and academics.

Shabbat lunch features quality cholent made by our fantastic cook, Sue, along with a salad buffet, cold meats and plenty of zemirot.

Payment for Shabbat meals is done beforehand via the UJS website.

Prices and times:

Friday night dinner: 6.30pm/7.30pm/8.30pm depending on time of year. 3 or under, check the booking page for details.

Shabbat lunch: 12.45pm, 5.90

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