OJC Weekday Dinners

About Jsoc

Oxford Jsoc is NOT just a religious society; our aims and likewise our events are varied in their nature. JSoc organises social, educational as well as religious events for students of all shades of observance - ranging from those who go to shul three times a day to three times a year. With prestigious speakers, cocktail parties, bagel brunches and of course Friday night meals, Jsoc provides a unique opportunity to mix with other Jewish students. We also provide meals every night of the week at the OJC (Oxford Jewish Community Centre) so eating kosher food in Oxford should never be an issue.

The Oxford Jewish Community Centre (OJC) is located in the Jericho area of Oxford, at the junction of Richmond Road with Walton Crescent. The OJC is a synagogue and community centre that holds services of all dominations. Friday night services however tend to be limited (due to numbers) to Orthodox services with occasional Liberal ones. Oxford JSoc has it's very own Chaplains, Rabbi Michael & Tracey Rosendfeld-Schueler! They will always be around not just to educate, but for any help on any issue, however stupid or mundane you might think it is.

Whilst the OJC is the home of Jsoc, we have plenty of events that take place in colleges, which is a great way to get to know Oxford. We have 'lunch n learns' most days of the week on a plethora of controversial and interesting Jewish issues. Traditionally Jsoc has been at the heart of many interfaith and intersociety events, from barbeques to football matches.

Despite having events most days of the week, Friday nights are at the heart of JSoc. With themed dinners, speakers and of course chicken soup (that will never match up to Grandma's but we try), Friday night services are a great way to end the week. The JSoc lounge combined with an abundance of alcohol ensures that Friday nights not only a meal, but one of the best social events of your week.

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